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image into a drawing

Photoshop video tutorial :

In this tutorial, you will learn how to turn your image into a drawing using filters, blending options and your other basic Photoshop tools. We will be using 2 free downloaded images to create this effect. Also please keep in mind, if you’re using a different image then you may need to do some slight adjustments to bring out this effect. Hope you enjoy, please give a like. You guys are awesome!

Download images used in this tutorial here:

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Creating Facial Hair in Photoshop

Video Tutorial

In today’s episode, we give you the gift of facial hair! Whether for fun or for professional retouching, creating hair can always come in handy.

Creating a custom brush: Step One

The first and possibly most important step is to make one single hair with the brush tool. This hair should be as perfect as possible and match the other hairs on the face, because it will Continue reading

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The almighty and powerful pen tool is a tricky tool to figure out when using Photoshop and can be frustrating as well, but when you do conquer the pen tool you will have one of the more useful and powerful tools at your fingertips. In this tutorial we will start from the very basics of using the pen tool and advance through a number of the features of this amazing and powerful tool option in Photoshop. Sit tight and enjoy!


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